MSR Avionics does not just operate in the avionics industry. We provide specialist services to a wide range of industries and markets, including but not limited to:

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  • Agricultural, horticultural and floricultural services
  • Airborne military equipment
  • Electronic equipment and components, industrial
  • Electric wires and cables, insulated
  • Electrical and electronic equipment for military use
  • Test equipment for the electrical and electronics industries
  • Temperature measuring instruments
  • Components, equipment and signals for ships and boats
  • Motor vehicle electrical and electronic equipment
  • Missiles, rockets and satellites. Launching platforms
  • Aircraft structural equipment and components
  • Aircraft cockpit equipment
  • Aircraft control and navigational equipment
  • Aircraft overhaul, maintenance, upgrading and repair services
  • Flight training equipment
  • Airport equipment
  • Aircraft maintenance and repair equipment
  • Internal combustion engine components and spare parts
  • Irrigation and watering equipment
  • Crop protection equipment
  • Agricultural equipment, parts and accessories
  • Simulators
  • Computer keyboards and other input devices
  • Mechanical assembly contractors
  • Reconditioning, repair and maintenance services
  • Aircraft, aeronautical and airport equipment (trade)
  • Animal husbandry, agronomical engineering, food and beverage processing consultants
  • Electrical and electronic engineering consultants
  • Transport equipment engineering consultants
  • Materials testing, assaying, analysing and inspection services


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